Did you know that you are inundated with 90,000 messages a day! 
The majority of them are telling us how we should do more so we can be better. Your peace will come when insert (a goal you want to reach) xzy.🤢

Here is what I know. When I weighed 250 pounds and 150 pounds my peace did not change. Yes, I was in a smaller size jeans. Yes, I was more confident. 

BUT, my response to the circumstances around me was the same! My heart still raced, my shoulders would get tense, and the pit in my stomach was just as painful. 

Eventually, I was looking down at 230 pounds again. It wasn't about the food. Every time, I tried harder and missed a step, I was back to missing the step for days, weeks, months....

Then I would get so disgusted with myself that I would dive in all over again to a new plan. I didn't need another try harder program. Those only had me trying again, and again, and again. 

Each time confirming the negative self talk I was hearing. 
😲 This will never happen for you!
😲 Who do you think you are trying to achieve that goal.
😲 You just weren't meant to be free.

And then I learned a better way! I started with having dessert for breakfast. No more deprivation, rabbit food meal plans. Chocolate cake for breakfast was my go to!